Poster sessions will be open during the lunch break. They will be located near the windows in the Susquehanna room. Please stop by to talk with the teachers and find out about the innovative ways they are using iPads!

Presenter: Janelle Kopac
School District: Northern York County School District
Position/Grade Level: Grade 3
Description: Independent reading and short reading response using News-o-matic and Notability apps. (Students read a nonfiction article, screen grab it, post it on Notability and write a response) Poetry Publishing using Poetics app. (Students choose background photo and write poem on top.)

Presenter: Abby Fisher
School District: Susquenita School District
Position/Grade Level: Middle School Art
Description: Learn how one arts educator has used iPads and apps to encourage students to create, inquire and explore. Technology can help students develop interest in art, take risks, engage in group work, and find their creative voice. Encouraging student inquiry and exploration through alternative media helps students to be more experimental and less reserved. This poster session will include a viewing of student work and time for participants to explore the highlighted apps.

Presenter: Barb Kline MS, OTR/L
School District: Capital Area Intermediate Unit
Position/Grade Level: Assistive Technology Consultant
Description: Mounting options for the Ipad will be displayed that can be used in the classroom for special education students primarily who may have physical, motor, or access limitations. Regular education students may find various mounting options relevant to universal design of the classroom. Optimal positioning of the Ipad allows the user to more independently access it for a variety of applications thus increasing their active participation and engagment in the educational environment.

Presenter: Matt Brunner
School: Shady Side Academy
Position/Grade Level: 6th GradeEarth Science
Description: Last year I had my students create a diagram of the rock cycle using the app Explain Everything. Students were able to graphically explain how the rocks changed from one type to another. Students were also able to record their voice to enrich their presentation. This activity replaced the color coded worksheet that I had been using for ten years. I will prepare a poster with screen shots from the student work. Also, I will be able to have several examples of the student's Explain Everything projects available for teachers to watch on the iPad.

Presenter: Vicki Treadway
School District: Unionville Chadds Ford
Position/Grade Level: Instructional Technology Specialist
Description: iPads and Early Literacy - I will be sharing what our primary teachers are doing with iPads and Literacy. I have been working with 1st and 2nd grade teachers to create an iPad literacy learning community for our students. The iPad can be an exciting tool for primary literacy, inspiring students creativeness and providing resources that are not possible otherwise for younger students. Students use the iPads for literacy skills, vocabulary, writing, storytelling, spelling, and more. I will be sharing video clips, photos, screenshots, audio recordings, etc. of our students' work as well as Apps used for building literacy skills and digital storytelling.

Poster Session information is due by Friday, November 21.

Registration cost will be waived if you participate in a Poster Session (One teacher per Poster Session).

The Poster Session is a way to showcase what you are doing with the iPads in your classroom or school in a more casual setting than a one-hour session. A Poster Session allows attendees to review your information and discuss it with you one on one. You should have some type of display with information. You should also have an iPad with you. Be prepared to share and answer questions.

The Poster Sessions should be set up first thing in the morning (Upon arrival-approximately 7:30) so that attendees can browse through and talk with you as they arrive in the morning. They will also be available during the lunch hour (11:40-12:40).

You can scroll through and complete the form on this page or click HERE to open the form in a new window.